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Need help with MAME button config

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Hi friends - newb here with MAME and I was hoping some of you gurus can answer a few questions I have. I've tried searching forums and google and can't find the answers to what I hope are simple questions.


I am running MAME2003 on my RPi3 and using an X-Arcade Tankstick (which has 2 joysticks).


Since many early games had only 1 joystick and 2 players had to take turns alternating, I've mapped buttons in certain games like Frogger to take inputs from stick 1 or stick 2. That way, when it's Player 2's turn, he can use the 2nd stick on the Tankstick. Is there any easier way to do this for alternating 2p games?

For instance: P1 Up: Retropad1 Up or Retropad2 Up


My other question is: when configuring buttons in MAME, how to you enter a not option? I did it the other day on accident and don't know how I did it! I'm curious to try the not option on games with 4-way joysticks like Frogger. If you move Frogger right but also hit slightly up-right, Frogger can move up possibly into traffic, getting squished. Is it possible to tell MAME -not- to accept up-right or up-left for up?

For instance: P1 Up: Retropad1 Up not Retropad1 Up-Left not Retropad1 Up-Right


I certainly appreciate any help/tips!

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if the game program does not recognize 2 joy sticks the there is no other option than what you have done already


as far as not option what you do is highlight where you want the not option and press ENTER 3 times in a row and the word NONE should appear


This has been my experience

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