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King_Salamon's 2018 Sale - lots of stuff!

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Hi everyone!


Time for another posting of goodies for sale. Some of these are going to be really inexpensive... I plan on having $1 items, $2 items etc as well as some more normal priced items. I'll also have bundled items and of course, if you purchase a bunch of items, I'll try to make a deal. Let me know your thoughts. I want to make a minimum order of say $10 or more. Shipping will be actual postage price.. no handling fees or anything like that. One thing to note is that I am in Canada and shipping is sometimes high.


At this point I am adding photos and will start adding the prices when I finish uploading the photos.


And of course, without further delay... the items....



MegaMan NES $30 (only as I can get $40 in trade for it)

Vic 20 Xonox Manual for Sir Lancelot $5

Metroid 2 promo keychain $5

Club Nintendo Playing Cards $5



Code of Princess 3DS - Game with artbook and CD soundtrack $25



5200 Manuals $1 each or the whole lot for $5



$2 items or $3 for 2 items



Ok... that's all for now. If I find anything else, I will be sure to add them but this is it for the time being. See something you like... let me know and we can make it happen.


Thanks for reading!

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