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Just a minor bump.


I realize most won't be interested in this as I can assume the Oklahoma retro gaming community probably isn't that massive and probably even fewer frequent AtariAge. :lol:


We will probably end up tossing this on Friday if nobody speaks up by then.

(I don't feel like dealing with Craigslist nuts or I'd go there next.)

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FWIW it's probably the flyback if it's making a high pitched whine while plugged in.


Is that something easy to fix? I don't really have the best knowledge to work on something like this, and my lack of free time doesn't help that either.


Of course there's also my understanding that CRTs can be dangerous to fix.

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Unless you had a replacement flyback, not really fixable. Could also be the horizontal circuit / transistor, which is tied into the flyback. That is cheap, small and easy to replace but you would have to troubleshoot the entire HOT circuit. Either would require confidence in soldering and yes it's dangerous to play around in the TV chassis without experience. I would guess that maybe this television was plugged into a wall outlet without surge protection (or insufficient protection) during a lightning storm to cause this problem.


The rub is that this is a VCR combo set, these are generally cheaply made. It is also an Orion, which was a budget brand. Not exactly put together with the best parts. I have an Orion 13" modded for RGB input and while it's chintzy, the picture is rather nice for what it is.


It's a shame to throw away a potentially good tube that could be transplanted into a similarly sized set but it's not exactly a crime to dispose of this because of the aforementioned lineage. It is just a standard resolution consumer grade set sold in the late 1990s.

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