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Atari 800 80 column video Ramrod card with Omnimon $85

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Here is a working, hard to find 80 column display card from Newell Industries called the Ramrod.

Paper manual and installation instructions included.
This card replaces the OS card with a OS B, The fast math ROM, and your choice of Omniview, omnimon, or 4KB SRAM in the address space of c000-cffff.


Incliudes the Omniview 80 column display rom add on. Toggles on in basic or DOS by jumping to address C000 or calling x=usr(49152).

You can also swap that rom chip for the Omnimon for assembler/testing/cracking.

Included is 2 2KB SRAMs it you want to use that 4KB space for programs.

The display looks best using a monitor that uses separate luma and chroma and plug in only the luma.


Manual and documentation on archive.org

Free flat rate shipping USPS to the US.




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