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FS/BO: Color Computer 2 with accessories, disks, books

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As I cannot delete my thread and given the revelation below, I will still be taking offers on this system with and without a working drive.


Color Computer 2, 64k, Extended BASIC, with FD-501 system, Tandy Computer cassette recorder, two CoCo joysticks, Coco-to-Atari joystick adapter, a bunch of disks and books.


The system turns on and runs fine except for the disk system. Formatting a disk returns an IO error, as does trying to get a directory of a disk. I have done some repairs to try to fix it to no avail: replaced leaked caps on the floppy drive, replaced the 7416 transceivers in the FD-501 cartridge with 7406s, tried a different cable, as well as a different drive (with proper settings.) Bingo results. Even more odd is SOMETIMES after a DSKINI0 the system will lock up or show garbled characters on the screen and only a power-cycle will fix it. At this point I suspect the 1773 is bad but have no spare with which to test.


Stricken above: it turns out the "known good" drive I was using is, in fact, bad. I pulled out a DSDD 3.5" drive and VOILA! I can format, get a directory, and print the number of free granules. I have several 5.25 DSDD drives available and if you desire I will test to find one which will work in the unit (thought I cannot promise a black face.)


The system came from the home of a heavy smoker. I have completely disassembled the system and cleaned it up, including a full disassembly of the keyboard (holy crap that thing was gross -- you smokers are KILLING your machines!)


The system was upgraded to 64k and comes with Extended BASIC, per the photos but note with the FD-501 attached it shows "DISK EXTENDED BASIC 1.1"


The books, disks, and original computer box all smell of cigarette smoke and I have tried to deodorize them without ruining them.


Shipping for the computer and accessories will be a good bit, though I can ship the books and floppies via media mail.


Taking offers. Please indicate interest and PM me.


Pictures in the gallery below. I let my phone battery go flat so I will have to post more pictures later (including the fully re-assembled computer and drive system, as well as the accessories. Will NOT include RF cable or TV connections.



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Seriously, the smoke smell part grosses me out. I have a brown leather TI-99/4A cover thats smoky. Everything I have tried to get the smell out has failed. Its disgusting. I'm thinking pass on the smoked Coco. Anyway, I'd just be interested in the Coco and the Atari joystick adapter if they don't smell.

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Did you mean to put that in PM? :D


As far as the smoke smell goes, I can attest that after a good soak in Simple Green the entire computer is nice and clean. I stored the drive, computer, and cassette recorder in an air-tight box for about a month after cleaning it. Opening the box I could not detect the smell.


The books and disks are a different story. I just posted up pictures of the computer and disk drive. I will get a catalog of the books tonight and see if there is any software which might pique some interests.


I have determined the TEC FB-501 drive in the case does not work properly -- it might be a read or write problem, but I am not compelled to figure it out. It does work with a variety of 3.5" drives I have on-hand, but only one of the 5.25" drives and I am not willing at this time to part with the 5.25" drive (it is the only DSDD drive I have.) I found a few DSDD 5.25" drives eBay in the $50 to $75 range that I suspect will work just fine. I could, however, be nudged into considering including a working drive.

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