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jzIntv / SDK-1600 2018-02-05 Release

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It's in the usual place: http://spatula-city.org/~im14u2c/intv/


  • jzIntv
    • NEW: Randomize GRAM if --rand-mem set.
    • NEW: bb and bi debugger commands to halt on dropped BUSRQ or dropped interrupt.
    • NEW: Debugger now shows the exact range of instructions that triggered a NON_INT warning, as well as what cycle it started. Cycle accounting has changed slightly to include the first non-interruptible instruction in the total count.
    • NEW: ni command to set the NON_INT threshold. Default threshold raised to 54 due to accounting changes.
  • AS1600
    • BUGFIX: Fix minor memory leaks in the assembler. (Harmless, but a code hygiene issue.)
    • NEW: Allow specifying the number of hex values to display on each line of the listing, and what column code begins in. See LISTCOL in doc/utilities/as1600.txt
    • MISC: Remove some dead code.
  • Example code
    • BUGFIX: Fix NOT issues in util.mac, terminal/ansi.asm
    • NEW: Add IV_HUSH command to Intellivoice driver (examples/library/ivoice.asm)
    • MISC: Set default ECS compatibility to "tolerates" rather than "requires" in csumexec.


The NON_INT related changes are particularly useful if you're running into weird graphic glitches related to non-interruptible instructions. The updated NON_INT tracker outputs more useful information than in the past.

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