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Microvision replacement screen project - pre-order & purchase here

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14 hours ago, [email protected] said:

That's a good thought. I'm not sure how you notice what chip you have externally. If you use hot air gun over the label it covers the screw.


Does the commodore 64 have a cooling fan in the case?

Not sure how common the c64's had problems.  They seemed pretty solid.  I had one through the 90s early 2000s and never had any problems.  Sold that one. And fast forward bought another one last year again zero problems and we're talking about a computer thats over 30 years old. Also will add what really is common with c64 failures is the power supply.  They can fail all of a sudden and allow higher voltage to the computer and destroy it. 

As for the microvision.  I have the newer unit with the shielding and uses 1 battery. Still works but from what I read in the past is these being stored in warmer climates or left in the sun will speed up the failure rate to the screen itself.  Mine spent most of if not all of its life in the Pacific northwest which is mostly cooler climate year round.  Less chances of being hot. 

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I just rediscovered my Microvision still in the original box (original owner from the 70s). I was heartbroken that the screen didn't work. I then found this thread and was thrilled to learn about this project! Per advice earlier in this topic, I powered up Block Buster, pressed "Go" a bunch of times, and the unit beeped/responded, so I am pretty certain the only issue is the LCD.


Put me down for 1!


Thanks so much for undertaking this work!

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