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The Raspberry Pi and Retropie discussion thread

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Retropie was just updated but not yet compiled for the new hardware. There's a thread on Reddit showing a nice improvement in PSP speed, so N64 should be better too. 

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waiting for mine to show up but lets keep something in mind


around the year 2000 I was sporting a 1.8GHz amd athlon XP single core 32 bit cpu with a geforce 2 GTX and it was running N64 pretty well for what was compatible at the time, so its not really if the RAS-PI can handle it, it can especially in the 4 variant, but how good is the emulator used in retropi


more recent example is my nintenputer, its a dual core 1.8ghz atom with a 512 mb Geforce GTX 210 GPU, and the emulator cores within retroarch it couldnt run N64 worth a squat, like 4 fps and horrid audio at low resolution. Using project 64 its smoothing everything out and running 720p at 60FPS in many titles 


Not sure if I remember what emulator retropie was using, but even in the linux world I had similar results using lakka and retropie X86 builds on that machine, so if you have found it lacking in the past, just the bump in horsepower should get you decent results as long as they are staying out of the retroarch cores for anything above SNES era (I love retroarch to death but it seems to squander resources when it comes down to it) 


ps: the nintenputer is still for sale lol

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