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SDrive-MAX ATX support

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7 hours ago, kbr said:

Backside please!


Oh dear, why are there so much variants in the wild...


@hawkChanging X and Y should not be a big problem, but building for each variant an extra firmware will end in a mess. I am thinking about an autodetection...

@kbr I'm assuming that you're aware of this guy's work with MCUFriend TFT panels and Arduinos. https://github.com/prenticedavid/MCUFRIEND_kbv/blob/master/extras/mcufriend_how_to.txt


I wouldn't go a look there if I were you...it will scare you the number of variants he has identified.


This seems like good info though...


12. These Mcufriend-style shields tend to have a resistive TouchScreen on A1, 7, A2, 6 but are not always the same rotation of direction.

The TouchScreen_Calibr_native.ino sketch wiil diagnose Touch Pins, do Calibration, report to Serial Terminal.

  The Calibration should work with the TouchScreen.h library from Adafruit.
  You can always copy the local TouchScreen_kbv.h library from sketch to the global user libraries folder.

BTW, what platform do you develop SDrive-Max firmware on?

I can build easily on OS X, however on windows, when I used WinAVR, I got compilation errors associated with PGM_P.  When I went to AVR Studio 6.? I got it to compile, but haven't yet tested the new binary.

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