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Max or roll?

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I'm making a spreadsheet about where games max or roll, but I'm having difficulty finding the information I need, so let's get it going!
I decided that the best place to get the information would be from the people with the most atari knowledge.
So if you know any games that max/roll if you could post where they max/roll I would appreciate it, once I get enough scores I'll make a mock sheet to add to the post to show how far along it is and if there are scores missing.


Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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Dodge'Em - 1080 I believe

Chopper Command 999,999

Laser Blast 999,999 (or 1 million if you count the !!!!!)

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Misunderstanding on my part. At a minimum, it will show you where they max/roll.


For the vast majority of games on the VCS, that can max/roll, most roll. The exceptions are probably below 20-40 games.

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Its been awhile since I've done it, but I believe Asteroids rolls over at 9999.

It's probably the only game I have ever and will ever roll score on.

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Here are the max scores that appear in game manuals that I could find online:


Air-Sea Battle - 99 pts maximum

Assault - 999,999 pts maximum (game ends)

Asterix - 999,950 pts rollover

Basic Math - 10 pts maximum (perfect score)

Blackjack - 1000 pts (break the bank game over)

Bowling - 300 pts (perfect score)

Breakout - 864 pts maximum (game ends)

Burgertime - 999,950 pts maximum

Casino - 10,000 pts maximum (break the bank game over)

Centipede - 999,999 pts rollover normal game

99,999 pts rollover easy game

Circus Atari - 9,999 pts rollover

Dig Dug - 999,990 pts rollover

Dolphin - 300,000 pts (game ends - Amazing! appears)

Gravitar - 999,950 pts rollover

Great Escape - 999,999 pts maximum (game over)

H.E.R.O. - 1,000,000 pts (game ends) !!!!!!

Human Cannonball - 7 pts (perfect score)

Kaboom! - 999,999 pts maximum (game ends)

Laser Blast - 999,999 pts maximum (game ends) !!!!!!

Mangia - 9,999 pts maximum

Marine Wars - 999,999 pts maximum

Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man - 999,900 pts rollover

Mission Survive - 9,995 pts rollover

Nexar - 999,995 pts maximum

Pengo - 999,999 pts rollover

Pitfall! - 114,000 pts (perfect score)

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns - 199,000 pts (perfect score)

Planet Patrol - 999,999 pts maximum

Pooyan - 999,995 pts maximum

River Raid - 1,000,000 pts maximum (game ends) !!!!!!

Robot Tank - 144 tanks (game ends)

Save the Whales - 9,900 pts rollover

Sea Hawk - 999,999 pts maximum

Sea Monster - 999,990 pts rollover

Sky Diver - 99 pts (perfect score)

Snoopy and the Red Baron - 999,990 pts rollover (adds exclamation point)

Sorcerer - 9,999 pts maximum

Space Invaders - 9,999 pts rollover

Space Tunnel - 99,990 pts maximum

Sssnake - 99 pts rollover

Stampede - 9,999 pts rollover (small brand appears)

Strategy X - 99,990 pts maximum

Street Racer - 99 pts maximum (game over)

Super Breakout - 9,999 pts rollover

Tape Worm - 9,995 pts maximum

Tax Avoiders - $1,000,000 maximum

Taz - 999,999 pts rollover

Treasure Below - 9,999 pts rollover

Trick Shot - 37 pts (perfect score)

Video Pinball - 999,999 pts rollover

Wall Defender - 999,999 pts maximum

Warplock - 99 pts rollover

Z-Tack - 999,999 pts maximum


I know there were quite a few Activision titles that ended gameplay (around 1,000,000 pts) but it seems most were not documented in the manuals.


Best regards,


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