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Different use of computer

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I don't know how "Vintage" it is, but my panasonic Toughbook CF-29 (Win-XP, P3-1200mhz, 1.5 gig ram, and 15 gig HD) works full time as a shoutcast streaming device working as a server to a 20 peer station. It's also hooked to a Part 15 AM radio transmitter that simulcasts the station to AM 1670.


Its old but sometimes when I'm tweaking the system I still use it to hop on the net from to transfer music files, update the system, and perform other random stuff. I wouldn't call it a speed demon but it works wonderful for my web station/radio station. This unit replaced a P233 / 64meg setup that was used for the same task but ran Windows 98se and had a smaller 6.5 gig HD. A battery leak killed the Motherboard after nearly 10 years of continuous operation.

That system was limited to 8 simultaneous listeners, but i doubt it ever reached that capacity.

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