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Marc Oberhäuser

All Sold: Quadrun + SwordQuest Waterworld + Gravitar (sil.) for Atari 2600

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I've some games for sale:


SwordQuest Waterworld

- complete (no reproduction)

- box is good, paperworks and cartridge are very good (check pictures)


EURO 450




Gravitar (silver)

- shrinkwrapped (no reproduction)

- box is slightly crushed due to the shrinkwrap (check pictures)

EURO 400




Quadrun 2600

- complete (no reproduction)

- box is ok (check pictures)

- end label of the cartrdige is missing


EURO 550




Shipping to EU (Germany EURO 7, EU EURO 17),

USA, Canada (EURO 37 airmail parcel, tracking, insurance, runtime 14 to 21 working days or EURO 4 airmail letter in robust box, no tracking, no insurance, runtime 5 to 7 working days).
If you are interested just drop me a PM.
Thanks for watching.















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Whoever buys Marc's Quadrun can do so knowing I'll make them a die cut end label to match it for free.

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Quadrun should already be sold, I paid $750 for mine.


What???? I paid $1000 (and over 10 years ago).

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I have a very good condition copy of gravitar Silver box. Anyone interested? I might put up on ebay this week auction style


You should start your own for sale thread here in the marketplace if you are selling it on the forum. If you are selling it on ebay you should go to the auctions section of the forum and post a thread there with a link to your auction. Welcome to AtariAge! :)

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