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Book : TI games for kids!

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8 hours ago, oddemann said:

I am impressed by the speed of your debugging and grateful for the time you put on it to fix it for all of us! Thank you, very much!

PS! I am working on "36-texas-instruments-ti994a-programs-for-home-school-office", made a Word doc. of them all. I am unsure if I should dump the doc. in a new tread or not. It is a physical book I have, so I have found a PDF and copied it all to a word doc. But there is a lot of the bugs you pointed at. Been using the tools to find l,<,>, 5,'' with more and changing them to 1,(,),;,". A lot of debugging. 😛

Keep 'em coming.  I've just completed the entire First Book of TI Games; I grabbed those programs from the Internet Archive so it was just play testing, and very little debugging.  I organized the program files and sent them in DSK format to the TI-99/4A Home Computer Book Archive; hopefully it'll eventually be shared to the community. (http://www.hexbus.com/tibooks/) .  I'll be working on Zappers (Henry Mullish and Dov Kruger) and later I'll continue with Games for Your TI-99/4A (Andrew Nelson).  Those are two easy pickins.


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6 hours ago, oddemann said:

Awesome,  I found all 23 Zapper programs on the Internet Archive (https://archive.org/search.php?query=source%3A(zappers))  They all include a program listing, I just organize them into a DSK.  I'll open a separate thread for each book.


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