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Japanese computers, books and games

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I have several Japanese computers for sale. All tested and working and shipping from America.

TOSHIBA HX-10D 64KB MSX Z80 + games & joysticks


MSX Computer - Casio MX-101 (Z80, TMS-9118)


MSX Computer - Sanyo PHC RED (Z80, TMS-9118)



Epson PC286 Disk BASIC User Manual (NEC PC98, PC9801) - Bought for $50, now $12!

Epson PC286 Disk BASIC Reference Manual (NEC PC98, PC9801) - Bought for $50, now $12!

NEC PC-8001 N-BASIC vintage computer Programming Manual & Reference Book


For SEGA SC-3000 8bit Computer

SEGA Champion Soccer (SC-3000, SG-1000, Cartridge, Japan, import, futbol)

SEGA Champion Golf (SC-3000, SG-1000, Cartridge, Japan, import)

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