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Hey guys, I'm Dallas, a 17-year-old retro gaming enthusiast and aspiring film maker. Since late 2016, I've been running a YouTube channel that was originally going to be strictly Dreamcast, but within the first few months that was quickly changed so I could primarily focus on even older platforms. I am very passionate about retro games and consoles because like people from the 70s, 80, and 90s, I grew up with these games, experiencing 2600 titles when I was only 5, a full year before playing (at the time) modern consoles.


For my videos, I try my hardest to make them as spectacular as possible. To familiarize yourself with what I do, I have selected 3 of my best videos that great representations of my filming, editing, acting, remixing, and reviewing skills. I like making my content lighthearted and comedic, but some of my future videos will be far more serious while still containing some humor to make it enjoyable for everyone, such an upcoming short film based on The King Of Fighters.


Fatal Fury: King Of Fighters Review. My latest video that combines cringey live action and awesome VGM remixes with a comedic and informative review.


Cammy's Theme Symphonic Rock Remix. Currently my favorite remix with an awesome video to go with it.


The Search For The Floppy Disk 2. A cringey short film designed to be as ridiculous and comedic as possible while showcasing my filming and editing skills.


Thank you all for watching these. I hope you enjoyed viewing them as much as I enjoyed making them. New content is on its way very soon so be sure to come back for more Dreamcast Gamer awesomeness!

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I haven't made many videos like this before, but I really enjoy them because of how much fun it is to smash worthless electronic devices. Today I smashed 2 identical CD players together to some Neo Geo music.

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