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TI and the MiniPro TL866 EPROM Programmer

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A brief tip when using a 'prommer and old old old chips:


I had to clean the sides of the IC's pins before I got a consistent read. This is because regular motherboard sockets wipe two sides of the pins. Fine. That's normal. But the TL866 and all other ZIF-sockets like it make contact on the sides that aren't ever touched by a standard DIP socket. The contacting surfaces  are offset by 90 degrees.


There is no wiping action to remove the thin layer of oxidation that can build up on those narrow edges.

The simple solution is to slide the chip back and forth in the ZIF socket while it's halfway closed. This gives you the same beneficial wiping and cleaning action as removing and re-inserting in a standard DIP socket. Or manually clean the IC if you don't want wear and tear on your ZIF socket.


Try that if you have parts that aren't working/testing/programming in any 'prommer. I also had the issue with some 74xx logic from the 1970's. They'd work in the original Apple II motherboard. But would fail ID and testing when in my 'prommer. Until I cleaned the other sides. All 4 sides of a square/rectangular pin.


Ideally all vintage ICs should be given a light cleaning when the opportunity presents itself. As far as abrasives go, I try to use an eraser, gently, or paper. If needed maybe a relay contact cleaner pad. You get bonus points for using Deoxit D5 or other appropriate contact cleaner. Boss Bonus if you use Deoxit Gold. Or Gold Guard.


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