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Hello AtariAge! I made a game based on a Scratch project I made called Wal-Rush! back in 2016 (a more updated version of which is downloadable here), and I was proud of it. However, I thought that there were a lot of things I could've added to make it more exciting to play. So, here is a sequel made entirely from (no pun intended) scratch!



Tick Tusk on the clusk, but the party don't stusk!


This game has a huge emphasis on time. The bar in the bottom left decreases over time (and if you run into the exploding red air mines), and once it runs out, it's game over! However, there are collectibles you can get that can help. The blue fish gives you 10 points and one segment of time. The gray clock gives you 50 points and refills your timer. Finally, the yellow hourglass gives you 100 points and freezes time for a while, stopping your timer from decreasing (or increasing!). Your goal is to get as many points as you can, and to not run out of time!


I've also added a way for a second player to get involved. Turn the left difficulty switch to A and start experimenting. ;)


Download and source code attached. Credit to RevEng for making the Bitmap Minikernel I used for the display of the title.


Tell me what you think!



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