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FS/FT Stack Up

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I would like to trade or sell my copy of Stack Up. One of the platforms in missing, but it is in the mail as we speak. (Fell out of the box in a friends living room out of state, luckily it wasn't lost.) Obviously any potential deal would be pending until this piece was actually in my hand. Should something dumb happen with this part in the mail there are replacements available on eBay all the time and I would either replace the part myself or work out a deal for that price difference with any potential new owner.

While I don't hate eBay, I like this place, and would rather find a new home for it here. I understand that might be a challenge so I'm getting a bit of a head start. If there is no interest I'll throw it at eBay when the other arm gets here.

This box is here, but not in good condition, and I do not have a manual for the game. As such the game is not quite CIB or loose in the traditional sense. As a result I don't really know what to ask. Make an offer, check my trade list, lets make a deal.

I did some looking at sold sets in the past few months. asking price is $350 paypal gift, of you cover the percentage they take, I'll cover shipping in the US. I'm not super happy to ship outside the US, but for a member with a real good reputation on the forums I would be willing to work something out. I'm open to other offers, especially those that involve a trade, as I really like to add new stuff to the collection. There is a list in my signature of items I'm interested in, but that is not a full list as much as a list of things that came to mind as I was looking at the screen that day. Show me what you've got.





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