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Wonering what these loose carts are worth

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Hey I'm new into the TI99 scene. I have a handful of loose carts from a swap meet a while back. After researching them some of them are kind of rare? I'm looking to make a few bucks but the carts aren't common enough to get an accurate read on the market for them. I was wondering if anyone on here might be able to shed some light on either the cost or the real rarity of these? I originally picked these carts up in hopes I'd get a TI99 to play with. But that never happened. so these carts are untested.

-Mini Memory
-Munchman II (with original manual)
-Paint 'N Print (Navarone Industries)
-Super Extended Basic (Solid State Cartridge)
-Super Space II
-Terminal Emulator II

I also have a TI99 Cartridge Expander in the box.

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Id be interested in Super Extended Basic (Solid State Cartridge) (With manual )and Mini Memory (With manual and cassette )but I am not going to get into a bidding war, etc.

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It depends which version of the Paint-N-Print module you have. There were three versions (A, B, and C). The most common is version C (IBM), which is worth $15-$20, tops (assumes box and manual, $10-$15 otherwise). Munchman II usually sells for $20-$30, sometimes a bit more. SuperSpace II usually sells for around $45-$50 if it is complete (there are several disks that go with it), a bit less if you just have the cartridge. I buy TE-II cartridges for $1-$3 each to shell them for homebrew cartridges--they are not at all rare. MiniMemory cartridges are usually in the $15-$20 range, sometimes cheaper, sometimes a bit more. Super Extended BASIC is another odd one, as there are two versions of the cartridge and you really can't easily tell which one you have without booting it up. The base version (as released by Triton) just has Super Extended BASIC in it. A lot of them were modified though, adding the GROM files for several other cartridges. There isn't really much of a price difference between the two versions, and prices range from $35 to $80, depending on how desperate to get one the buyer is.


All prices refer specifically to collector buyers, as there are new-manufactured cartridge boards capable of running any of this software (and the necessary ROM/GROM files are readily available too) with the exception of the SuperSpace II, as it was a bit unique.

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