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Skippy B. Coyote

WTB: 1050 Disk Drive & 48K Memory Upgrade for Atari 400 Computer

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I recently purchased an Atari 400 computer, a handful of games for it, and a book on learning Atari BASIC. Now as I begin learning BASIC I could really use a way to save my programs and play disk based software, so I'm in the market for a 1050 disk drive that is in good cosmetic condition and proper working order with the power supply included. I'm looking to spend around $85 shipped on the disk drive and it doesn't need to have any custom modifications like Happy or anything like that, a plain old standard slow speed drive will do just fine for my needs.


I'd also be interested in purchasing a 48K memory upgrade for my Atari 400 at some point, though acquiring a 1050 disk drive and some blank 5.25" floppy disks to use with it is my first priority.


Thanks for taking the time to view my ad and if you happen to have a working 1050 disk drive in nice condition that you'd like to sell then feel free to shoot me a PM about it! :)

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I have a very nice looking 400 that runs well, but has no upgrades, PM'd.


PM(s) replied to and a pleasure doing business with you! Now I'll just have to hunt down a 48K memory upgrade and a power supply for the little beastie. :)

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Computer, game cartridges, power supply, and Atari BASIC programming book have all been acquired! Now the only things I still need are a 1050 disk drive in good working order and a 48K memory upgrade for the Atari 400. I might not have the funds for the disk drive for a couple weeks, but I figured I'd bump up the thread anyway in case someone happens to have one that they wouldn't mind setting aside for me. :)

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