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mystery part from 1050 drive

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I won what appeared to be a pristine drive from a seller on ebay, and prior to trying it - I shook it and heard something rattling inside.

I opened it up, and found this small angled piece of metal.


In this picture, it is laying next to one of the rubber bumpers that lines up with the floppy disk frame. The bumper appears to be sliced, I'm guessing due to being dropped, which may have resulted in this piece of metal becoming loose.


Any ideas where it goes?


I have another 1050 drive of unknown condition and I'm not seeing this part inside it - but I may be just overlooking it...





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I don't recognize the metal piece either. Though it's small enough to have fallen in through the venting holes of the case from somewhere else.


And for the rubber pad.. I've seen many with a visible line across from pressure against the drive, but you'd think it would take a lot to slice it. Maybe it was already cracked from age, and the drop event you mentioned caused it to finally break. Did you find the other half inside? That might have been too big to fall out via the vent holes. It may have been removed by someone but I can't imagine why...

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Actually, there were three items rattling around inside the case when I opened it.


#1 - the mystery angled piece


#2 - the sliced piece of rubber bumper


#3 - a lock washer from one of the two screws holding the heat sink.


One of the heat sink screws was merely loose - but still had the nut and washer, the other screw had lost its nut - but since it butts against the bottom of the case, it didn't go anywhere.

I looked everywhere and couldn't find the missing nut. Definitely didn't lodge itself in the floppy drive mechanicals.

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