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HalMock FurBall : Sink or Swim – UPDATED!

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Hey folks,

some players had compatibility problems on actual hardware, especially Jaguar models of the early M series.
We worked hard to fix the issue and updated the download.
Thanks a lot to Nicolas Persijn who tested the game. It should now work on all retail units.



HalMock FurBall: Sink or Swim is a cartoony one-button highscore-hunting game for the Jaguar.

The game is designed to run from RAM. Use a Skunkboard or similar dev kit or convert the game using Jiffi into a format you can use.


Enjoy the game!




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At some point on real hardware the OP could crash resulting in a blank screen. Something only powering the system up again would fix ( as far as I know).


The issue was ultimately a OP and bandwidth problem. (Which was why Virtual Jaguar didn't have a problem with it.)

The game uses a lot of big overlaying objects with scaling, so the OP needs as much time as it can get on the bus.

So I had to reduce the CPU time that was spent on memory access and restructure the OP list a bit.

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