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Nifty Lifty 2600

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Ok I've updated this 'port' to use multiple sprite - up to 5 lifts


For anyone new to this post - this is a port/remake of Nifty Lifty on to the Atari 2600

The controls are simple, you only need left and right

Goal of the game - avoid the lifts!



Shifty Lifty v1.4 NTSC.bin

Shifty Lifty v1.4 PAL60.bin

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback

Im using the base for this to build something bigger at the moment, but using DPC+. Hopefully Ill have something complete soon

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Best scores? I'm actually not very good at my own game, best I got was 1,330


Replaying this I'm having second thoughts about the 'slidy' controls, I was just trying to match the original game but they are annoying. Also its needs a slower step in speed. I'll update this port at some point

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Ok the speed and the 'slidy' controls were bothering me so I've fixed them. Updated version attached.

I've also changed the name to 'Shifty Lifty' - just to differentiate a bit from the original.


I did try adding some music but it was major grief so I will try again later.


NTSC version attached, I can make a PAL60 version if anyone wants one?

No idea if this works on actual hardware - I would be very interested if anyone has a melody cart and wants to try it?


Not sure if I should continue this and make it a DPC+ game with multiple lifts or whether to just move back on to my other projects given that elevators amiss is already available. We'll see

Shifty Lifty v1.3 NTSC.bin

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We'll be checking out Shifty Lifty on today's (Wed Jul 22) ZeroPage Homebrew stream LIVE on Twitch at 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 6PM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!







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