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FS: Colecovision, Intellivision, Atari 5200 goodies

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Hi Everyone,


Needing to move several games. See prices below. All loose unless otherwise noted. Shipping not included. PM if interested. Some pics included. Thank you!



Antarctic Adventure $12

Artillery Duel $8

BCs Quest for Tires $12

BCs Quest for Tires II $8

Blockade Runner $16

Brain Strainers (CIB) $20

Bump n Jump (w/ manual) $10

Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show $8

Centipede $7

Choplifter $15

Congo Bongo $4

Cosmic Avenger $2

Decathlon $7

Defender $7

Destructor $2

Donkey Kong Jr. (CBS) $3

Facemaker $4

Fathom $30

Fraction Fever $4

Frantic Freddy (w/ manual) $18

Fortune Builder (w/ box) $15

Frogger 2 (w/ manual) $12

Front Line $3

Gateway to Asphai (w/ manual) $12

Gyruss (end label a little torn) $15

Illusions $7

James Bond 007 $12

Jungle Hunt (w/ manual) $40

Ken BlackJack/Poker $3

Learning with Leeper $15

Logic Levels $20

Looping $3

Moonsweeper (w/ manual) $12

Mr. Do's Castle (w/ manual) $20

Nova Blast (CIB) $30

Omega Race (CIB) $15

Pepper 2 $3

Pitstop (w/ manual) $5

Popeye (w/ manual) $8

River Raid $8

Roc n Rope (w/ manual) $5

Rocky Super Action Boxing $3

Sewer Sam $18

Space Fury $4

Space Panic (w/ manual) $3

Spy Hunter $22

Squish'em Sam $8

Star Wars Arcade Game $22

Subroc (w/ manual) $2

Super Action Baseball $2

Super Action Football $2

Tarzan $8

The Dam Busters (w/ manual) $6

The Dukes of Hazzard $10

The Heist $7

Time Pilot $3

Tomarc the Barbarian $27

Turbo $2

Victory $2

War Room $2

WarGames $3

Wing War $10

Expansion Module #1 (CIB) $35

Champ Adaptor (CIB) $60

Spectravideo SV-103 Controller $20

White ADAM Controller $15



The Dreadnaught Factor (CIB) $10

Venture (CIB) $9

Turbo $30

Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball (CIB) $25

Pole Position (w/ manual) $10

Tower of Doom (w/ manual) $10

World Cup Soccer (w/ manual and overlays) $10

White Water (CIB) $25

Safecracker $5

USCF Chess (CIB) $9

Pac-Man (Atarisoft) $10

Popeye $5

Congo Bongo $50

B17 Bomber (CIB) $5

Bomb Squad (CIB) $5

Space Spartans (CIB) $5

Intellivoice (CIB) $10


Atari 5200:

Dreadnaught Factor $8

Frogger (w/ manual) $4

Pole Position (w/ manual) $2

Quest for Quintana Roo $40

Star Wars Arcade Game (w/ manual) $20

Super Breakout (w/ manual) $1

Competition Pro Joystick $35













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Thanks for all of the PMs. Will get to responding today. Posted a couple more pictures per requests!



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intellivision Congo Bongo for $50? Turbo for $30? i was interested also, but after looking at the date of the original post and these prices, i'm sure these sold out last year.....but just in case we're wrong, i want some too!!!!

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