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Clint Thompson

Zzyorxx II and Burnout Preview Released

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Did you work directly with Atari? I'm guessing nope. Then you just don't know.

I beg to differ. Now not to belabor the obvious but there is plenty of documentation out there to bear these things out.

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Even 20 years later in FB conversations they still have this limiting mindset. They always talk about the outside forces that were against them. And while that may be true, there is no self-reflection on their part. No 'well in hindsight we could have done this different or that better...' None of that.

Could you put some examples up for those of us who don't do FB to put things in context? .


As i said earlier, French comments regarding Atari Jaguar development are thin on the ground compared to UK/USA developers.

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My account is shut down right now. I try to only use FB for holidays.


The thread will probably still be visible sans my comments. But you'd need an account.


I'll try to find where I stuck the link.

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If it's account needed to view. .that will be an issue for myself.


Does anyone know of any other online interviews they have done?.

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Wow, i had seen a few comments in the past from Thierry Schembri, pointing out that Atari by time of the Jaguar, had a very,very bad reputation in the industry but he doesn't hold back here..


Goggle translation isn't great,but it still made for interesting reading :




In response to the interview. I can't believe anyone was able to make a game for the Jaguar,

with the documentation, software tools, and buggy hardware. I'm dumbfounded.

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Please forgive the awful translation, vest i could get from free online service.



But Radolphe Czuba talking honestly about Atari and the Jaguar etc:



It's true that the Jag had a poor 68000 at 14 MHz and that a lot of games

have been hit just right on the 68000 without using the GPU and DSP.


On the JAG 2 (it existed!) there was a 68030, but at first they

Wanted to take care of the 680x0 and make the Jag boot on the GPU and

Force publishers to use JAG resources!

But now they're afraid that no more games are coming out because you had to

All redo: No more question of just repumping a source of Amiga, ST or

Sega! A solution had been envisaged by VX to make a compilationo C GPU

If I remember correctly..

and Atari Corp did not want to help us in this way!! As usual.


In short, again and as we see well with the story Atari ST and

The range that followed... (STE...), Atari has always been totally and

Shamefully slave and dependent on a repositories that it was necessary for all Prices turn on the next machine, rather than innovate at the level

Hardware and lead a serious developer policy so that new Products can come out on new hardware!!!



In fact, at the blow of the pot to have seen to be a bunch of budding encoders

At the ST for the first two years (85 to 87), the software history of the Atari

ST is a disaster!!!

And the success of the ST is not from Atari and its policy developer

Crappy and dismal, but to pioneers of that era who have

Decarcassed in code, hard and journalistic articles to learn how to

Generation that was coming....

Without us (the pioneers who had a ST from the beginning and often an XL

Before!), Atari would have gauffré much faster!!



No help, no promo and marketing errors that have followed and

Incompetent in the subsidiaries (!!!) and when little by little the ranks of the Pioneers began to shrink (leaving for other horizons and

Often too dégouttés tools and helpers from Atari Corp!!), and Ben Atari at

began to plunge as they saw nothing coming so slumbering on their

A success they were only by far the actors!!!


Well yes when the actors are pulling, the play stops!!



Finally for what it's used to talk about the Jag today! .......

I have one and I have not used it for a long time and the only games that

I thought good are DOOM and ALIEN vs. PRED.

The last time I rekindled it I was horrified by the slowness


DOOM has better perelli on that side....

That said I do not play on PC either... or console: There is only the Arcade and

Its super machines that still excites me...

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