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How to identify flashback consoles and power supply

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Hi there!


I just got an used Atari Flashback without its power supply, early today I got a power supply for Flashback consoles but I have doubts about to use both.


The power supply is a KU28-9-200D model and output 9v DC 200mA and the console has a Batch Code: D10508 it's the only number or model number on the bottom label.


I'm not sure if is a good idea plug the power supply to the console because this console says under plug 5V I don't want to plug it and blow away this poor thingy.


So Is it save to use them? If is not Which Flashback console uses the power supply? And What power supply should I use with this console? If someone has the power supply model I'll appreciate to know it.


Thank you guys, Have a happy! 

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Older models contained a 5v regulator and used a 9v power supply. Most vintage consoles operate in this manner.

For the past decade or so, usb powered devices have gotten ubiquitous and so have generic 5v regulated power supplies, so they basically remove the 5v power regulator from the pcb and include a regulated 5v supply. Worse, they've kept the exact same "barrel" connectors.

This means bad news if you plug an older 9v supply into a device that takes a regulated 5v supply, you're going to smoke the entire circuit board.

If your device says 5v on the barrel connector, it is meant for 5v, generally positive polarity. If it says "dc in" with a non-descript label or no voltage indication, it's probably internally regulated and any supply from 7-11v and proper polarity should work. Some devices have negative pole and some positive, usually with a polarity indicator.

Many 7805 type power regulators have protection against reverse polarity (it won't work) but this cannot be relied upon. NES AC power bricks are notorious for burning out other consoles power regulators.

Your best and safest option is to test with a 5v supply. If it doesn't work, or performs poorly (dark picture distorted sound are hallmarks of electronics brownout), then it's not getting enough juice (7805 regulators will drop about 1.2v minimum even if it pulls the output below 5v) and you can safely try the 9v supply on it.

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