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All prices are before shipping.


International buyers be aware that shipping from the US is outrageous.





$210 shipped in the US for all friends and family payment for the remaining games!



Brazilian Releases: All have Flip Case, Game, Manual, Index Card except for Powerlords (missing index card).





06AV9401 Bacará! - $20
06AV9404 Boliche! / Basquetebol! - $10
06AV9410 Golfe! - $10
06AV9411 Conflito Cosmico! - $6
06AV9414 Invasores do Cosmos! - $6
06AV9416 Duelo no Velho Oeste! - $6
06AV9424 Bilhar! - $15
06AV9426 Caça Niqueis! - $10
06AV9427 Barricada! / Demolicao! - $10
06AV9428 Alien! - $6
06AV9430 OVNI!- $10
06AV9432 Macacos me Mordam! - $12
06AV9441 Batalha Medieval! - $22
06AV9442 Come Come! - $10
06AV9443 Acróbatas! - $12
06AV9445 Senhor das Trevas! - $12
06AV9446 Tartarugas! - $12
06AV9447 Abelhas Assassinas! - $12
06AV9462 Desafio Chinês! - $150
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Moving these to eBay this weekend if they don't sell and probably posting some other studios today or tomorrow.



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Updated.. all sold items removed and a few items that were marked as sold have been added back due to the cost of international shipping.

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