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Vinnie D.

Repairing a 410 drive

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On 11/22/2020 at 8:18 PM, BillC said:

PS: IIRC leaving the PAUSE button engaged when the 410 is not in use will prevent the flat spot from developing

It's both PLAY and PAUSE buttons that need to be engaged when not in use to prevent deformatation of the idler tyres, the quote below is from a PM I sent to another AA user.



I was examining how the mechanism of the 410 operates and I agree with the post about leaving it with both the Play and Pause buttons pushed, even if I couldn't understand the posters explanation of why.


The Advance and Rewind idlers are both engaged without any buttons pushed..

Pushing the Advance button disengages the Rewind idler which takes tension off the rewind belt.

Pushing the Rewind button disengages the Advance idler.

Pushing the Play button disengages both the Advance and Rewind idlers, extends the head/pinch roller assembly, and engages the Play/Record idler. The Record/Play idler must allow some slippage, as the tape speed is constant while the take-up reel must rotate slower as as tape builds up on the reel.

When the Pause button is pushed while the Play button is pushed the head/pinch roller assembly is partially retracted, the Play/Record idler is disengaged, while still leaving the Advance and Rewind idlers disengaged.


This means that the only time that all 3 idlers are disengaged is when the Play button is pushed, then the Pause button is pushed. The takes pressure off the idler tyres so they won't develop flat spots, and also takes tension off the rewind belt which will prevent it from stretching. It will not help with the other 3 belts though, but they are easier to change.


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On 11/23/2020 at 12:19 AM, Caterpiggle said:

thank you davebatari,


What about 1010 Hong Kong Version ?

For Chelco 1010 check this out:


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