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*Clarification post* About jNoxx's collection

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Dear AtariAge,

Let me introduce myself, I’m Thijs Bastiaens, a 26 year old guy from Belgium, some know me as the Tiny Collector or as jNoxx.
It has come to my attention that there was an “imposter” in our midst on these very forums.
A guy on Youtube started scolding me for claiming to have the biggest collection and challenging anyone to show “me” otherwise, that's how I found out there was a topic created here under my name.
I contacted the owners of AtariAge and got his account taken down (because I could provide all info necessary to show it wasn’t me) & promised them a clarification topic.
Because I feel there where some unanswered questions, and I want to clarify a couple of things, I'm not the douche this guy claimed me to be :>
First. Yes, I have a rather large game collection. I’m around 11.000 cib games.
Am I claiming to be the biggest in the world? holy moly, far from, I don’t think I’m even in the top 500 in the world?
The title of the video that was posted by my imposter was this.
"Epic Game Room Tour! Europe's Biggest game room? - Behind The Collector JNoxx“
First of all, a friend of me who owns a youtube channel asked me to come interview me, and he thought of some clickbait title, which youtuber doesn’t do that these days?
It’s a solid “?” for a reason. It’s to bait people in, so I’m also not claiming to own Europe’s biggest collection.
In the actual video (if anyone cared to watch it after this douche post), I (nearly) literally say “I’m sure there are much bigger collections out there in Europe, but not everyone wants to show it publicly”.
Next to it, I know the Last Gamer, also known as Joel, the ACTUAL biggest collector in the world very good. We talk on a weekly basis, and he knows for a fact I’m not chasing his #1 biggest collection title, he's an awesome guy, if you don't know him, you Atari people will love him too, go check it out!
For the people who do know me, and I’ll post this anywhere when people ask me.
I will NOT chase for a number #1 spot neither.
As stated in the video. I’m collecting what - III - want to collect, not what the internet or anyone will tell me. So I’m also not going for anything even remotely to the biggest collection.
To some of your questions/remarks on this fake post.
Yeah, I know there is barely any Atari, that’s why I never posted it here.
A very close friend of mine, the owner of atarilegend.com, is the one who “kinda” introduced me to all the different variations of Atari. The only one I knew as a kid was the Atari Pong clones. So I never grew up with Atari at all.
The first one I bought myself was the 2600 (& the flashback, sue me!), which is a fun thing, but not something I would go back daily to play.
Next up in line was the Lynx, which is also cool, but I would still prefer the Sega Game Gear I think.
And of course, the Jaguar (because I like obscure consoles) with Rayman <3
It’s very hard to come by here in Europe, so my collection is very small in that regards, but doesn’t mean I don’t like Atari at all.
I recently aquired an Atari Amiga with a Floppy emulator, so I can learn more about this precious thing, and boy did I miss out in my childhood! :)
As someone else claimed “he probably collects what he had in his youth”, yes exactly, that’s how I started, but talking with other collectors thought me so much new things. Which is why I’m open to any console, but that doesn’t mean I’ll go for a full set :) I don't collect some consoles you guys mentioned since my interest in it just isn't there or if I don't feel a connection with it. Easy as that, it's still - MY - collection :)
I just try to have fun and play some retro & new gen games. I stream them too over on Twitch. And in general I just love talking with other collectors & gamers. A lot of people come over and we just have a ball.
If anyone has any other questions, please do ask me. I’m not the douche like the guy posted in the comments.
Signed, jNoxx (guy didn’t put up a capital N, my triggers!) aka TinyCollector
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