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The New Atari VCS FAQ and Info Thread

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8 hours ago, TACODON said:

I'm sure any delay now will be either blamed on a certain public health crisis or to optimize the VCS again.


I'm more towards them deciding to "upgrade" the VCS. Now that Microsoft and Sony have revealed what they got going on. This Bomb-diggity Unconsole door stop needs to beat out the Hyper Scan!

I’m actually expecting them to declare “flood”: We have experienced a preponderance of water that has frustrated and delayed transport of cornsoles! There’s all this water between the factory and our shipping facility in the U.S..


yes, I typed cornsoles by accident, then decided it was fitting as after consoleting George Forman, the VCS shell now opens so you can add your own corn slurry to make Taco Shells

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🌽 Corn is good, especially with some 🧈

Perhaps Atari can make a game about that... Cornhole. Should not be too hard to code, do they have a version fo the Atari 26hunderd?

Yup, looks like the kinda exclusive game i would spend $400 to play

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19 hours ago, TACODON said:

Does a doorstop really need a chip though? Asking for my friends on the IGG comment section. 

Chips go with tacos not doorstops silly.


3 hours ago, OCAT said:

Perhaps Atari can make a game about that... Cornhole. 

With the recent quarantine it became one of the fastest growing games. Because of this you got to see a lot more of Cornhole on TV. I watched about 10 minutes of the Johnsonville Championship yesterday before I got bored. Now that other sports are televised I have less interest in watching. Definitely more fun to throw bags in my own yard than watch others on TV.


Before that I think Pickleball was the fastest growing. They can make a game for that too. Then maybe Washers and Hillbilly Golf will be the next big things?


As much as they need games, I think it would be in Atari's interest to just get their hardware out at this point. 

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