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Risky Rick in Dangerous Traps (June 25th)

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3 minutes ago, Albert said:



Just now, Albert said:

That forum only has 78,000 posts and looks somewhat dead in terms of activity.



Yeah...it didn't used to be that way. That's what happens when you over-moderate forums and put almost all the users on moderator preview.

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Just to say to Ritchie and all, I did not mean to be a PITA. Just figured something was wrong with two of my consoles or the cart and was just curious to figure it out without a lot of whoopala. Not really willing to spend $100 to send a ColecoVision or two to France or expensive repairman to find out, but I am appreciative that Ritchy is still willing to work out a another course of action.


I did have a grounding issue with one of the AV modded ColecoVisions and his advice seemed to have stopped that, although then it played the full game only twice out of about 100 times, with mysterious dark screen and hum the rest of the time. 

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5 hours ago, VectorGamer said:
6 hours ago, Albert said:

This is one of the largest classic gaming forums on the net

Behind CAGDC

CAGDC Forums:

479 members

78,205 posts

Current members online: 0

Most online ever: 305 (on April 26, 2012)


AtariAge Forums:

50,562 members

4,000,000+ posts

Current members online: 133

Most online ever: 5,278 (on June 17, 2019)


Yep, we're totally "behind" CAGDC.


:? ;-)

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4 hours ago, Ritchy said:

-^Cro§Bow^- and Swami, we have never exclude to release a ROM version for peoples buying the game, but as we said it require some works and we are working on the MSX versions. Now, if you think that a hacked version should do the job for you, and you will not complain if any random bugs occurs with it, I can send to you an upgrate kit for your game cartridges. (please contact ArcadeVision by email)



I appreciate the gesture and I will talk about this more in the PM you sent me.


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I really want to be the nice guy, and I think Ritchy means well in his offer above, but he JUST couldn’t resist throwing in that line “you will not complain if any random bugs occur.” Duuuuuude - your DRM is the bug. Taking it out fixes the bug. This has been well established. I can’t understand your obstinacy about claiming your DRM is (1.) not copy protection and (2.) a vital and necessary part of your code. It is neither. 

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