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[music] ColecoVision - Undertale - Muffet Spider Dance Demo

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Undertale - Muffet Song - Spider Dance





I really like this music and wanted to create a ColecoVision version of it. So I took a day listening to the original music and multiple covers including the great acapella version by Smooth McGroove.


I took a day to decide the way I wanted my version to sound like and coded the first 30 seconds, added the valid cartridge header and very simple needed routines to work properly.






Muffet Spider Dance Demo (30 seconds loop) SRC+ROM: cvmuffetdemo.zip

It is a very minimalistic ColecoVision program exploiting the console OS routines to display a title and play the music loop. Source code included which might be used to introduce you to ColecoVision programming. See the ColecoVision OS7 doc to understand the sound format and the various BIOS calls.

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