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Atari 400, bad video quality

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Hey gang... took my Atari 400 I got as a Xmas gift way long ago... Cleaned, Referbished it (or tried to). I could get no picture, but it was powering up.


After getting some new RG59 cable, and soldering it directly to the MB rather than pluging it into the RF out RCA slot (which appears to be dead). I have a picture again, it's exceptable, but but not great, Even by RF standards.


My question is, how to I improve the picture? I know it could look better than this. (and has looked better than this before) I have done everything I can think of.


I found a guide to make Composite Video Outputs, but it seems way more complicated than the Atari 2600 Composite Video mod (which I did).


Any suggestions would be great.



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With the 400 you're limited, no monitor out so no easy composite cable as you know.


I would try and bring the original rf out back to life rather than using a direct solder connection - hopefully a hardware wiz will give you some help when they see your post.


Good luck.

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