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DoctorSpuds Reviews Things - Yar's Revenge

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Oh... This is gonna hurt. Yar's Revenge, contrary to popular opinion I don't like this game, I never have and I don't think I ever will. People tout this game for it's originality, which it does have, I won't lie about that, but I simply don't like it. I think there are tons of better games for the Atari,If had to place Yar's revenge on a list of 'Best' Games for the Atari It would be right near the bottom if on the list at all. I'll try to keep this review shorter than my others since I don't actually have much to say about this game.

This games graphics are smooth and well defined, but basic. The background is just plain black, this game takes place in space right? How about a star-field to bring some interest into the game's graphics? Well what about the neutral zone graphics they're rather cool right? Yes the neutral zone is rather cool to look at for a little bit, but I find that it's just obnoxious and actually gives me headaches, especially after you hit the Qotile, I find I have to look away from the screen to avoid getting a migraine. So I would say this game's graphics are headache inducing.

I don't like this game's sound either. The constant buzzing drone in the background only serves to further enhance the headache I got from the graphics, otherwise the sounds are pretty standard.

The game-play leaves me feeling pretty sour as well. Shoot the barrier surrounding the Qotile while being constantly followed by it's energy missile, dodging the Qotile when it swirls and rushes at you, eventually leading you to fire the Zorlon cannon after touching the Qotile, hit the Qotile with the Zorlon Cannon shot, repeat. I know the game gets harder as you get more points, but I'm so bored after the second level that I just turn the game off, I just can't bring myself to keep playing. Well what about the neutral zone? I think the game would be better off without it, with no safe place to scurry of to and hide in I think the game would be much fore frantic and entertaining. But as it is I couldn't care less, even on the higher difficulty modes.

You may not like MY opinions but that's exactly what they are, MY opinions, you don't have to respect them. But as it stands I don't like this game I think there are plenty of better games for the Atari that don't get the recognition they deserve.

But since this is the end of the review how about I list some games I'd rather play than Yar's Revenge
Fathom By Imagic
Robot Tank By Activision
Battlezone By Atari
Crystal Castles By Atari
Wizard of Wor By CBS
Turmoil By 20th Century Fox
Bermuda Triangle By Data Age
Polaris By Tigervision
Jawbreaker By Tigervision
Keystone Kapers By Activision
No Escape! By Imagic
Kool-Aid Man By M Network
Cross Force By Spectravision
Tanks But No Tanks/ Tank Brigade By Zimag/Panda
River Raid By Activision
Pitfall! By Activision
Tomcat The F-14 Fighter Simulator By Absolute
Solar Fox By CBS
Commando Raid By U.S. Games/Vidtec
Missile Command By Atari
Stargate/Defender II By Atari (Hell I'd rather play the original defender)
Xenophobe By Atari
Motorodeo By Atari
Q*Bert By Parker Brothers
Spacemaster X-7 By 20th Century Fox
Frostbite By Activision
Spider Fighter By Activision
Infiltrate By Apollo
Space Cavern By Apollo
Sorcerer By Mythicon (Yeah I like this game more than Yar's Revenge)
Fast Food By Telesys
Trick Shot By Imagic
Front Line By Coleco
Smurfs Rescue By Coleco
Buck Rogers By Sega
Flash Gordon By 20th Century Fox
This list could go on for a long time but I'm gonna stop here, you get the idea.


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