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Escape 2042 - A new game for Atari STe

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This is a port of my game Escape 2042 to the Atari STe, 1 Mbyte of RAM required.
2 floppy disk (hdd version available too) uses the Joystick and runs at 50 fps !

Discover a futuristic fast-paced 2D platformer game, including a reversed shoot'em up mini-game.
The game takes place in three different environments (prison, desert, forest) and is interspersed with one mini-game and multiples cutscenes.
Avoid the security cameras, collect grenades to get rid of your enemies, exercise your working memory by hacking the computers of the prison to unlock the doors or to dis-activate the safety systems.

The game is now available for download on my online game shop: https://orionsoft.itch.io/

A boxed version of the game including 2 real DD floppies + manual + making of, will be available in the coming months at the approximate price of 40€ + shipping.
If you are interested in this boxed version, please send me an email to get on the pre-order list at this address: [email protected]

Video of the game running on an Atari STe:

Trailer of the game on other platforms (Gameboy, Megadrive/Genesis, Dreamcast):

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Does the game use "The Enhanced Joystick Ports" too? :dunce:

nope, only standard joystick in port 1

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Great game, bought it last week! Thanks for porting the game to the ST.


Any chance to get Jag Pad Support on STE and Falcon? I can't stand du jump on dpad "up" ^^


Or option to swap button and up, e.g. "jump" on button and "grenade" on Up on dpad.

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You could buy a 64 jpx joypad extender it makes it so you can. use a sega genesis gamepad with atari and you can change up on the pad to c button. Works really good.

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The boxed version of Escape 2042 including 2 floppy disk, a 25 pages full color manual and making of, a 3D printed figurine, and a Bonus poster is available in pre-order at "Côté Gamers" store :)
Standard version: http://www.cotegamers.com/boutique/index.php?id_product=50&controller=product
Bonus version with Poster: http://www.cotegamers.com/boutique/index.php?id_product=49&controller=product

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