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On 5/17/2021 at 6:11 PM, Chris-Mouse said:

So am I. I have a couple of homebrew computer projects that are in need of a video interface...



Same here. Can't wait to get the new Mk2

But Matthew, you and your family are worth most, never forget that



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Have you decided what "exactly" the daughter board options will be?  I see (in the images post, previous page,) a VGA daughter board & a TMDS daughter board.  I have to admit, that I've never heard of TMDS until now.  The research (Google search,) I've been doing seems to indicate it's an intermediary for HDMI and DVI.  The image looks like a HDMI port.  Were you able to work that out?  Or will you be shipping it without the port and letting the end user worry about that?  It doesn't look like there's enough room to put a DVI port on it, but if so, will it be DVI-D and include the audio signal?  I'm assuming HDMI will include the audio.


I'm sorry if I missed previous answers to these questions.  I don't remember reading anything about them, but I might have missed some posts, and I might just not be remembering.

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