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Well, I tried really simple thing today: to compile some C SW . It is something what I did countless times in Linux. In Windows, I wrote some utility SW in C. All it went without any bigger hassle, actually smooth.

But, we have some real geniuses in our Atari community, who will make trivial task to be real headache.

And it was after claimed hard work to put it all together, doing some necessary corrections in source files and tools.

"COMMAND.TOS should work" - no it works not. How much time it takes to try it self to be sure is work or not ? Less than minute, really. And there are other similar examples. After looking some threads, I think that I know how to solve it - not surprise, must using exactly everything same as person who made that package. What will need some time to find and DL, install that SW . Not today ...

Not surprise that it is man in team, which works on another shouldworkware SW project. - will not name it. Just will describe how it works in reality. Some will guess it immediately, I'm sure. That SW is champion in incompatibility - about 65% of SW I tested fails with it. But hey did everything by docs. If something works not, blame that SW. Nope. they could not do everything by docs. Simply because no complete documentation. And even if they would exist, only real criteria is test. But they don't like to test. It's easier to say: should work.


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And another example: http://www.atariuptodate.de/en/3734/st-deskcolor-ste

Now I gave concrete title. You can try it self. It says that works on TOS 1.04, 1.06/1.62 - later is STE, of course. No, it works not with 1.04. So, not on ST machines.

I wrote him about, and he admitted that did not try with 1.04 . And of course, did not correct it on site, Instead, he wants that I make his SW 1.04 compatible (after asked am I good with ASM).

Then he gave me list of addresses to correct in code, and wrote "following are links with SW and source for" . But he made wrong copy-paste action, and just repeated what was on top of memory address list. :grin: That's getting too much for me. Ah, sure, I\m mad PLM ! :grin:

Must be only my fault. How I dare to write him, when he is not in good mood ?

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