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FS: Atari 7800 / 2600 Arcade Sticks

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Made these over the last couple afternoon's wired for atari 7800 but is compatible with 2600 and the 8 bit computers (expect some "rustic charm" I am no woodworker)


Bottom boxes are store bought natural finish bamboo bases and black plywood tops.

Stainless steel hardware (so the screws wont rust when the game gets intense)

Suzo Happ ultimate 8 way joystick with a bat top

Arcade buttons and zippy micro-switches all round.

Bottom is covered in material that looks and feels like velvet.

Cord is a generic 6 foot genesis extension cord, with about 5.5 foot length coming out of the boxes


I have one red, and one black, with a green variant on its way, but its 110 degrees in my garage right now (the insulation out there makes it a great 1 car oven) and I am done soldering for the day. So that's 2 finished and 1 more coming in the next few days (its mostly just wiring to finish)


Asking 60$ (ea) Shipped, USA and Paypal only please


Thanks for looking!





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Beautiful work, I wish i could get one, but I am out of money and (currently) out of gas in my car, I've already uploaded items up for sale here so I can get through the month, otherwise I would shoot you a PM right about now, I am interested, but just not now.

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