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PEB (not mini) Reimagined

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I know the trend has been mini ... cost is an issue, even designing multi-function cards to reduce slot count. I look at the polls too.

But I've been slowly moving forward with alternates - even if it ends up cost prohibitive to produce in mass the same time as

applying power/fan mods to existing but dwindling PEBs.


Metal forming isn't my forte nor do I have the equipment to reimagine existing products. I do love the mental

challenge and the design process though. I took Thiery's Hyper-AMS idea and combined it with a 68-pin round cable,

widen data path to replace the PEB interface. This would be a removable card, but not accessible - add another

slot and give 9 back to the user. 14-16 lines leftover to bring out a lot of the inaccessible PEB backplane.

Convinced myself may as well throw in a full 16-bit wide data path and perhaps expand AMA.A - AMC.A up to the

equivalent addressing of A23-A0 with still plenty of ground/shield mixing on data pairs within cabling. Of course, a

standard console couldn't utilize the additional signals, but I would have solid footing as I continue MB redesign to

accommodate/utilize those. Weight would be an issue, which is why clear, acrylic cell cast square stock and sheet

would help keep price down. $30 Meanwell 133 watt triple rail ( +5V @10 amps, +15V @ 4.5 amps, -15V @ 1 amp) power supply

would do. I needed a +8V and a +12V supply, but those can be had with two more buck converters from the strong

5V rail - make each individual PEB slot able to jumper between +15V and +12, also +8 and +5 for those cards out

there that people have removed regulators from to reduce heat. That should allow a mix of original + new designs.

Perhaps adding a 16-pin card edge connector to a couple of the slots would allow future multi cards access to the

benefits of a 68-pin cable interface. Heck lets get rid of most of the internal drive power cables too and let the PCB

carry the drive power to a molex connector ... it was doing that already.


Just one of another vaporware projects that keep my bench happy strewn with parts and schematics. :twisted:





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Good luck with all that. I love a good long drawn out project with huge goals. It gives you a goal in life and you know what you'll be doing for the duration.


The 16-bit data bus idea is interesting and I'd like to see what you come up with. I understand that each bit on the chain has its own CRU number for access? Is that still a thing with your design, or is it ALL re-imagined?


I should stop talking now because my knowledge dropped off at the term CRU. Have Fun!

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Though nothing was ever created for it, you might also want to look at the Rave99 PE2 It also expanded the bus to 16-bits, so it might help a little to maintain pin compatibility--and it would help adoption of cards using the expanded capability too.

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I have always thought it would be possible to create an adapter to utilize pc style ISA cards into the TI PEB box and Rave99 motherboard. Something on the back burner, I'd lie to tinker with, after I get my cars, Geneves, TI and other projects done.

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