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I've had a problem with Asgards PIXPRO since day one so I thought I'd see if one of our programmers can shed a 'hack' for it.


I use this program very frequently doing stuff for Yesterday's News and it works just great - EXCEPT - It will not recognize my Myarc 512k card set up as a ramdisk. The card uses CRU 1000 AND 1900 for some unexplained reason and I think that may be the root of the problem, but I'm not sure. I can set the ramdisk up as drive 1,2,3,4,5 and it makes no difference - PIXPRO will state an error. If I can get a hack for this it sure would speed up composing of the news.


BTW - Yeah, Same problem way back when I was doing VAST NEWS.

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It was actually an issue checking 'status' for files that are not open... easy small fix. Never ran PIX PRO before. That was cool... and McPIX ...




These tools all seemed to work fine with high, level 3 file IO... A ramdisk has to use CRU >1000 to get a turn at DSK1-3 or DSK. requests before the floppy controller. I didn't see the programs trying any level 2 IO


[email protected]

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