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enemies shooting

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i am in the process of making a game and well i don't know how to make an enemy shoot i only want the enemy to shoot down and up according to player 0's y position can any one help?

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There's more guys programming using batari BASIC in the section here:



Usually people like to use the Atari 2600 missiles for shots. These are generally called missile0 and missile1. You can change their location on the screen via missile0x and missile0y for the first missile. missile1x and missile1y for the second missile (missile1).


So, if I wanted the first missile 44 pixels to the right and 55 pixels down I would set the missiles coordinates like this:


missile0x = 44

missile0y = 55


You wont see this change until you tell batari BASIC to paint the screen:




My last piece of advice is read the batari BASIC command reference web page. I use it literally every few minutes. Basically, I read how to do something, try it and then find another thing I want to do and read that!


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