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Amiga to Atari SC1224 Monitor

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I wanted to create a cable to connect my Amigas to my Atari SC1224 color monitor.


I found a few forum posts on the issue:








But nothing with the actual schematic.


It should be straightforward, but the poster in the English Amiga Board post stated he was having problems, and someone suggested taping the CSYNC line instead.


Anyway, I made a cable with a simple RGBHV and GND connection from the Amiga to the SC1224 and it works beautifully. I added audio too by tying left and right audio together and feeding them to pin 1 of the Atari monitor.


Here is the schematic:




And here are some results:








I figured I would add this here for anyone else wondering if there is some weird magic to connecting an SC1224 to an Amiga. There isn't. The only surprise was that the original Amiga RGB video cable I tried to use as a donor does not carry HSYNC and VSYNC at all. I has to sacrifice an Amigakit RGB to SCART cable in the end too.


So far at least though it works great and looks beautiful.




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That looks great. Nicely done. Finally, something useful to do with those Atari monitors. :P

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That is a great mod!


If anyone here has any RGB monitors, I recommend go though the trouble and convert them to a Female SCART RGB plug and play all of your consoles and computers on those monitors.. If you have an Amiga or Atari or Apple IIGS monitor buy a female SCART plug and wire it in, you will not regret it!


Sega Saturn, PS1, SNES, Sega Genesis look amazing in an RGB monitor!



Member of the CRT Master Race and always welcoming more..


Don't accept Diet Scanlines!



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