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Houston Arcade Expo, October 19-20, 2018

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Ed Fries is a speaker this year at the Houston Arcade Expo! His panel is scheduled for Friday the 19th at 8:30 pm. My panel's scheduled for 4pm on Saturday.


NOTE: the expo is at a new location this year!


Houston Marriott Westchase

2900 Briarpark Dr
Houston, TX 77042

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I'll be doing a book signing for my book series "The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion" volumes 1 & 2 during the show at The Game Czar booth. The Game Czar will also be selling my book there if you haven't had a chance to pick it up from Amazon by then. Hope to see you all there in October!


BTW - both Ed Fries and Darrell Spice Jr. have titles in BOTH books too! ;-) Hoping other homebrewers will join us in Houston!!




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Just finished updating my presentation for this year, though I'm sure I'll make some minor revisions when I do my practice runs over the next few days.


Sadly my SpiceC work hasn't progressed as far as I'd hoped, had a bad case of burnout this year. I've recently resumed work on it, but what I have done doesn't make for an impressive demo.






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Here's OUR heavy hitters at the Houston Arcade Expo.........


left to right -

one of my book customers at the show,

"TheMajorHavoc" Brock Keaghey (NeXion 3D - on Retron 77)

me.... "Arenafoot"

Ed Fries (Microsoft, XBOX, Halo 2600 & Rally X)

Darrell Spice Jr. (Stay Frosty 1 & 2, Medieval Mayhem, Draconian, Space Rocks)

"Hamburgerman" Joe Grisaffi (Conjoined, Dead of Knight)- and a Houston Flim Maker!

"sramirez2008" from AA forums


not pictured -

"Rowsdowner70" - The Game Czar

Anthony Cabello from HighScore.com



Edited by Arenafoot

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