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The Next Retrogaming Scam is Here! (G Blue)

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*It's "for people who enjoy retrogaming, but don't have the time to figure it out"

*It "understands the importance of women in gaming" (I'm sure that's completely relevant)


No, no it isn't, and no, no it doesn't.


1) If someone doesn't/didn't have time to figure out a simple console, they aren't going to bother with this. It doesn't even have basic use instructions in the project page, just cryptic language ('shoot the room'?) and stock photos of people holding controllers. a busy retrogamer is just gonna buy an NES classic edition- it'll be awhile before their busy selves are done with those 30 games anyway.


2) HA! No one seriously attempting to target women would make a box that hideous. it's got a weird lid-shaped bump that makes the end with all the ports look like it should be the bottom, your fancy 'customizable logos' are all hideous ripoffs of existing logos, and your color options are the worst possible choices to appeal to said demographic AND don't coordinate with your terrible logos! This is ignoring that every girl I know who's into gaming is also a console collector, who would have little interest in a crappy retropie box becuase they have the original hardware.


This whole pitch reads like an AI-generated script, hitting all of the key words you'd want for yet another emulation-box kickstarter with no real meaning behind the whole thing.

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I think a more applicable fundraising campaign title would be something like. "New Raspberry Pi Orange Case Inspired by Maytag!"







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