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Can not get 800XL to show picture

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One of my Ataris' is an 800XL that I bought used around 1994. I remember distinctly that the person I bought it from mentioned something about the red cover on the joystick port, I just can't remember what. I've tried both the monitor output and the TV output (it's a PAL machine) but no picture. The machine does power on. Here is a pic of the red 'cover' on the port, it is removable.



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PAL machine? are you UK/Europe-based?



does it make any sounds at all during power up.


try the blind audio test.

if still a black screen try this (turn TV volume up):
power up using OPTION key, wait five seconds, press SELECT key once, press START
do you hear the musical notes? if so your computer is working
now press HELP, then SELECT, the START
press different keys randomly....do you hear the keyboard BEEPS?
these are good signs that atari is fundamentally ok.


the dongle could be for almost anything. there were various software items that used dongles - but these were generally "removable".

is that red one permanently attached? or does it slot in? if so, what happens if you unplug it?

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you had the case open yet?


it may be worth looking inside/posting some pics

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that dongle looks to be important enough that the port has been marked as well....


I'd start by checking the voltages and make sure it's clean...


then clean and reseat chips etc, moving on to checking memory...


Looks like I would leave the dongle in. Until it's running and we can determine what's been done

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