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Home Automation / Interfacing - Silly idea, but fun...

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I've been goofing around with an Amazon Echo Dot. Hands free music control while I'm soldering... some light control, and retro computer TV input selection.


So while frustrated with python packaging at work today ( that damn snake wouldn't get in the crate ) I thought about this:


Why not use speech as a home automation interface... but wait, I'm not talking about talking.


Use that TEII cartridge, and write up a little menu to command your Alexa to do all that it knows how to do with a simple hotkey on your 4A console...


So I played around with this simple code (most will know it):

30 PRINT #1:A$
40 GOTO 20

And it actually works somewhat... The beep at INPUT A$ immediately after a phrase is spoken disturbs things... a CALL KEY approach would be better.


Anyway... it's a fun little diversion... Let the computers talk to each other...


My wife entered the room, wondering what all the 'voices' were about... All I could say was "welcome to Nerdsville" LOL...


Kind of fun to think about... speech as a machine-to-machine api... If there wasn't a big screen audience, C3PO really should have been speaking Astromech when he responded to R2.


[email protected]


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Hi Mat,

Definitely a silly aspect to it, but that kind of imagination drives creation. I have had plans to set up remote bases that "talk" to each other using everything from Morse code, MF and DTMF to CS1's output, and although I have come up with real and justifiable criteria for selecting such signaling methods, there's often an "because I always wanted to ...and now I can" aspect to it all!


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Hi Matt,


That's a great idea! I will definitely have to try that too! Several months ago I wanted to add a face to Alexa, here was my attempt (link will jump to the relevant section of the video). It works pretty good and it's fun since noone else has something like it. But I haven't thought about using the TI to control my light switches, outside fans, etc. which I also have in my home (I use Insteon devices, primarily for lights and Thermostat control). If I try it, I'll post back to this thread.

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