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A game my friend and I were working on

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Hey all,


A little under a year ago my friend and I were working on developing a game using TI Extended BASIC, a nano PEB and Barry Boone's speedy loading speech synthesis disk code.


Unfortunately the best working build of ours got corrupted and we were pretty discouraged from continuing. We've moved onto other things, but I managed to find a bunch of the files scattered on different locations across my computer and decided to compile all of the footage into one place. The video is just any material that we had used before we gave up. We're thinking about making a similar game using something that's easier to program on than a TI99/4a ahaha.


Here's the link if you want to watch it: LIIINNKK


The footage is recorded using a capture card from my real TI, no emulators. We coded a lot of it on the TI itself until we realized how much easier it was to code on a modern computer then upload the code using the nano PEB.


I just wanted to share our progress with someone and I figured someone on here might appreciate some of the work we put in (hence why the video is unlisted). Don't feel like you have to watch the whole video, it's pretty long, I just wanted to put everything that we had done into it.


We won't be pursuing this project any further, I just didn't want our progress to be lost to time.



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I'm sorry to hear about your corruption issue. Same thing happened to me using a Nano a few years back. After all the hard work goes down the drain it's difficult to want to start over. This was before CFHDX was available. If I could have gone back in time I would have done my programming on Classic 99 and copied the work over.


Thanks for posting what you did.

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that looks like something that would've been really cool! sorry to hear that your stuff got corrupted.


i've had that happen, too, when working on music programs and it's really discouraging.

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