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Bob The Bug

Upgraded 800XL for sale

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Howdy everyone.


Due to my current circumstances and having just relocated to a much smaller house, I have decided, somewhat reluctantly, to sell my Atari 800XL. Before I list it on ebay, I thought I would ask here first and hopefully avoid the associated ebay selling fees. The machine and extras are all in perfect working order and in very good condition.


I am attaching a couple of photos. The machine will come as follows (upgrade work by Jonathan Halliday aka flashjazzcat):

  • UK PAL Atari 800XL computer
  • Dual Pokey sound chips
  • Ultimate 1Mb Memory Expansion
  • VBXE video card with RGB output to SCART
  • Side2 Cartridge with 8Gb Compact Flash card, stuffed with software
  • SIO2SD with 8Gb SD card, stuffed with software
  • Various manuals & floppy disks
  • Some Abbuc / Pro© / Page 6 magazines
  • Atari power supply and joystick
  • A spare 800XL keyboard
  • Abbuc Software Collection DVD
  • Optional LG 20" Flat TV with remote
  • A free full set of Excel magazines (#s 1-5)

Excel issue #6, as usual, has been delayed again, but will be back very soon and also hopefully on a more regular basis in future.






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Instead of giving up your Atari, maybe a gofundme or paypal gifts can get you through this tough time? I think if we all chipped in...

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Thank you Doctor, but as I said, I have a lot less room now anyway and I still have my trusty laptop running Altirra :)

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ill buy it how much i can paypal .. i need the cual pokey for the new atari album we are making

i live at 339 concord street framingham ma

i do not need the tv

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also if u have an scart to rgb or hdmi adapter please send that along as well what ever you use to hook the vbe to the tv or monitor

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