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I want to know which game consoles were the best competitors of the Atari 2600,5200 and 7800

But not in this thread IMO.





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2600: Only competitor I played was Intellivision. Loved Snafu and Burger Time as a kid. Overall I wouldn't pick it over the 2600.


5200: As far as I know Colecovision and the 5200 are the only consoles I know of in what I like to call Gen 2.5. I have never played a 5200 but the Colecovision was my first console, my dad brought one home with about a dozen games poat crash and I not only loved it but it was sturdy enough to survive my 4 year old destructive tendencies. We had it up until I got an Nes probably in 2nd or 3rd grade.


7800: I've never played a Master system, I still play NES occasionally and I picked up a 7800 last year and it went on the fritz almost immediately. I had the power buttons replaced and then discovered the ax adaptor is going out and it's been in the closet since although I finally found a few sources for adaptors other than $50 30 year old ones on eBay. Overall I have to give the nod to the NES for 3rd Gen although there is room to sway me of the 7800 homebrew market is as awesome as advertised.


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