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Clear out my living room Atari, Colecovision Intellivision sega Rare stuff

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I want this stuff gone so make an offer if you see something you like

everything works fine unless noted

I'll be getting pictures posted as the day goes on

prices do not include shipping



6 switch av mod, 2 atari nice atari controllers, paddles, 2 keyboard controllers, atari ac, 28 games 90 (pictured system and games (krull and galaxian aren't included) power led added

4 switch, 2 nice atari controllers, 10 games 25 (the games are commons, dk, combat, space invader etc)

Private eye 10

Adventure 7

crazy climiber (rough label, no end label ) 25


dark chamber 6

xevoious 4

karateka 4

robotron 5

atari 800

super cobra no label 6

cassette drive with some thorn emi software (one game) the drive works but doesn't rewind 7



system with 2 good controllers, ac adapter and the following games dk, dkjr, pitstop, baseball, q bert, defender, , miner 2049er sewer sam and a repro flipper slipper 80

adam keyboard, works, escape key and a function key are broken off, but included so the can be repaired 10

printer, supplies power, doesn't type 10


cassette vision games

cart only

yosaku 10

battlevader 10

galaxian 10

big sports 12 10

monster mansion 10

monster block 40


astro command 25

galaxian 15

pak pak monster 15


gakken tv boy games

mr bomb 70

super cobra 110


memorex vis with controller and 4 games(if they can be called that), missing outer part of power switch works fine though 225



thunder castle in box 45 (on hold)

commando cart only 18

shark shark cib 12


studio 2 lot pictured games plus extra black jack 15


tec toy master system games all cib

rambo 20

shooting gallery x2 15

afterburner 20


4 switch 2600 console shells 1 dollar apeice

3rd party atari compatible controllers 1

missing boot atari controllers 2

nice 2600 controllers 3


sega genesis menacers all are tested and working (no games included)

complete unit (damage to one eye piece rail) 15

gun, stock, sensor 10

gun only 5


remember, I will be quick to take offers on this stuff, I want to clear it out
















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